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Chapter 39:See-saw

Death has a way of paralyzing and suffocating you,
as if a large hand is clamping your heart. Frigid,
numb and cold to the touch. The grief of such a loss
is something no one understands unless they have
experienced it. The worst part of it is from the
moment of notification. There is no closure, no
celebration, just an all consuming sadness that
makes your insides drop: enveloped in the
unshakeable feeling of death. Nyasha. The mere
thought of Nyasha’s “death” sent a wave of
numbness through my whole body. Looking at Mr
Katiyo’s son and wife I understood their pain.I
stared down at Andrew’s blank face. It’s funny how
we take things for granted in life. We make plans
for the next day or next month never thinking twice
about how all that can be erased in the blink of an
Charlene was possibly the most angelic person I had
ever met. I struggled holding back the tears,
everything felt like a blur. She was one of those very
few tete’s (sister-in-laws) who liked their brother’s
girlfriend. Truth be told, there are some very mean
tete’s out there. And I confess I have been a mean
one myself. I’ll never understand why a guy’s sister
is triggered with a ‘monster mode’ when it comes to
the woman the guy is either married to or dating.
The only consolation I have is that the sister is a
woman too and however way she treats you, karma
will make sure she will be treated the same way
wherever she is dating or married off. Charlene
though, was different, we talked here and there and
she’d drop by my office with lunch once or twice a
month. When Andrew and I broke up, it is rumoured
(by Simone) that she saw her slap him and yell at him
over it. Asi zva Simone hazvitedzerwe dzimwe nguva
(sometimes, one shouldn’t believe Simone’s gossip). I
kept staring at Andrew’s mom who now lay curled up
in a ball on the floor and accompanying her wailing
with an occasional writhing.
I decided to give Andrew and his mum some time
alone. This was not the moment for me to be adding
more salt to an already corroding wound. I’ll talk to
Andrew another day. I passed my condolences to
Andrew and his mum and made my way back to the
parking lot. First it was the break-up, then the
accident, now the loss of his sister: maybe he really
was being punished for having been such a douche
bag. No offence to the memory of his sister, but
even from the other side of the spirit realm she was
still giving Andrew a piece of her mind for being
The next few weeks were a series of going to work,
hours in court, an infrequent visit to the hospital
and some emotional therapy at the gym. I always find
it easier to get my mind off life and all its
complications when I’m in the gym. Like my eye-
candy celebrity crush once said, “But if we get on
the treadmill together, there’s two things: you’re
getting off first, or I’m going to die.” I’m not sure
my grind mode has reached the ‘dying’ bit though.
That’s just intense. I remember the night Andrew
brought up the ‘take me back issue’:
“Maka, I was such a fool. And before you even
mention it, seeing you with another man wasn’t the
reason that brought me to that realisation. What
they say is true hey, ‘you never realise just how
good you have it until you’ve lost it’. We had
everything going for us. I just let my male ego get
in the way. I saw Linda the day of the red dress and
I just figured I could have my cake and eat it too.”
Listening to him give one reason after another made
me realise the side of him that I had fell in love
with. The side that made me feel everything was
going to be okay. The side that reminded me of that
‘woman’s worth syndrome’. The side that made it
crystal clear how every guy has the potential to
truly love when given the chance to. “…if what you
are saying is real, why did you lead me to believe
that I was the only woman in your life, the only
woman you claimed to love? And the ring, was all
that a show that you had to put up for your alter
ego to fade into the background? (gosh. That just
reminded me of the alter ego, Jessica from the
series Heroes). I know the answers to the questions
I was asking were going to be hard to swallow but I
needed to hear them, I needed to know why he had
played me for a fool.
The bass in his voice had a slight edge to it when he
responded. “I loved you both Maka. I know women
think men don’t face that same problem but I did.
You are both gorgeous and intelligent in your own
ways. There is no real solid reason as to why I
couldn’t just date one of you and be loyal to that
selection. I slipped up…”
“You slipped up?” I snapped back. It was more of a
rhetorical question than it was a statement of fact.
“Usandiedze benzi wazvinzwa. (don’t take me for a
buffoon). Choose your next words very wisely
“I don’t know what else to say Makanaka. I’m
I thought of all the times I had visited him arimuno
mu (while he was in) hospital. Everyday I had
watched him grow stronger. We laughed and talked
about anything and everything as if nothing had
happened. Truth be told, all factors considered, I
didn’t think it was fair on him to bring up his
shenanigans right now. Not whilst he was dealing
with everything on his plate. So I did what my heart
wanted, I was his shoulder to cry on, his confidant,
his friend. And it felt so good being in that space
again. The issue of him having cheated on me was
never raised or hinted until he decided to pick the
day he got out of hospital to talk about it.
“These past weeks have been refreshing. Seeing the
good side of you, the side that reminded me why I
fell in love with you in the first place. Many times I
thought to myself, ‘everyone makes mistakes, and
everyone deserves a second chance. Do you know how
many people I’ve had to ask for advice? I even
contemplated seeing a psychologist. Inini (me),
Makanaka Garikayi lying prostrate on some leather
couch spilling my guts out to a complete stranger.
*evil chuckle* And then I remembered your second
chance is up. You are sorry? You broke my heart
Andrew: ripped it out, took a bite and spit it out
with great distaste. Heaven knows I loved you so and
a part of me still does. And it’s unhealthy. I told
myself, having you in my life as a friend would be
better than not having you in it at all. But who am I
kidding? In another lifetime, we would have been the
best of friends, but until I get over what you did to
me, until I learn to forgive myself for the pain you
put me through, until I learn to love myself more and
put myself first, I could never give you a third
chance. I may not have this whole love thing under
wraps, but I sure as hell know my worth.
Handinzwaro, pada umwe musikana asi kwete inini
(you messed with the wrong girl, maybe you’d have
had better luck with another girl). I stopped for a
moment, reading the confused expressions on his
face. I coudn’t keep myself in a relationship I’d lost
trust in. And I know that if I stay, I’d hold him at
ransom for his mistakes. Turn him into my own Simon
of Cyrene. Cheat on him and ask him to suck it up
because I had to suck it up too. Manje ndikadaro
tingavaka (if I do that would it be progressive?) I
let the silence drag on for a few more minutes.
Letting the gravity of my words sink in. If I kept
talking I might get lost in thought and end up taking
him back!!!
“Maka, your phone is ringing”. His voice was candid
but shaking.
I checked the caller id; I had no idea who it was.
“Is this Makanaka Garisayi? It’s Paul. We met mu
combi (in a commuter omnibus) the other
day.Musope!!! May you please join me for lunch? “.
“Lunch?” Andrew’s face grimaced at the thought of
me having lunch with another random guy. “I’d love
to. Where and when? That’ll be fine.” I hung up.
“Another, random date so soon after our break-up?”
If I wasn’t enjoying his pain I would have retorted
right back. He has no right to be angry. But the
confusion and disapproval on his face was all I
needed. “In another lifetime Andrew”. With that, I
kissed him on the cheek and walked away.
That conversation with Andrew had left me weak in
the knees and hella strong at heart. I passed by Spar
on my way home and got myself some Strawberry lips
and the Lux sheer twilight bubble bath. A girl does
deserve the finer things in life, even if she gets to
enjoy them alone. If there is one thing I always
make time for when I’m enjoying a victory bubble
bath, it’s time on IG or Facebook. There I was
‘minding my own business’ on my Facebook homepage
when the picture Andrew was tagged in by Linda
caught my eye:
Posted 20minutes ago: “Guess who is back and out of
hospital? Now for some time with bae
# offtothemaldives ”
Mxm. The nerve! Now who is to tell whether he had
really broken up with Linda or not! Take your
Maldives trip and choke on it!!!!

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Chapter 38:It gets even worse

You don’t realise how much you love someone until
you see them about to die. My memories of Andrew
flashed before my eyes as I saw his car crash into
the Toyota Camry parked on the side of the road.
There was an ear shattering bang that pierced the
atmosphere and a crowd or spectators soon formed.
As soon as Terrence stopped the car I rushed out of
it and straight towards the accident. Zviya zvekuti
rega nditsvage bhutsu unenge usati wabatikana iwe(I
went barefoot, who looks for shoes at such time, if
you see yourself looking for your shoes then you are
not that affected). The driver from the car that hit
Andrew was yelling in anger and pointing towards
Andrew, “That fool! How can he just cut me off like
that in such a busy road. I had my family in this car,
my sons are very shaken.” Another onlooker said to
him, “Musadaro mudhara. Tendai Mwari mapunyuka, I
think mfes wacho anenge akuvara.(please sir don’t
be like that you should Thank the Lord you survived
this. The guy you are angry at seems to be injured
badly, look)” .Me and several other people looked at
where the guy was pointing and I remember breaking
into a sprint yelling Andrew’s name. I did not care
that he had cheated on me; all I wanted was for him
to be ok. I rushed to the driver’s side to find Andrew
writhing in pain from a trapped leg. The passenger
side was totally smashed-thank God he did not have
any passengers with him. “Baby talk to me, Andrew
you are going to be ok!!” were the first words I said
to him. “I’m sorry Maka was all Andrew managed to
say before h closed his eyes and went zii. We all
thought he was dead. Paroad pakaita mariro imi (it
became like a funeral)!! I threw myself on the
ground and began to weep hysterically. I didn’t know
I loved the guy that much. So what he made a
mistake. All he wanted was to ask for forgiveness
and to be given another chance. I had deprived him
of that chance and now he was dead. I blamed
myself. I should’ve just forgiven him as the Lord
forgives my sins all the time. I was inconsolable.
Terrence was soon to arrive and when he saw me
wailing like I had lost a husband he immediately
turned back saying, “You are crying for this jerk? I
didn’t sign up for this, drama is not my portion. Bye
Maka.Lose my number.” Ah. Who does that though?
Who walks away from a car accident, especially one
that he was partly responsible for? Ndakapererwa (I
was dumbfounded) I think all men just have dick
tendencies. When everything is going great they
stick around. Asi when shit hits the fan they put
their dick mode on. Mxm. I made a mental note of
blocking him and never speaking to him again. The
ambulance arrived 10 minutes later accompanied by
the fire brigade as this was now an extraction. A
very pompous paramedic shoved everyone out of the
way commanding the scene. He was tall and muscular
and clearly aware of it by the way he demanded
authority and respect. His subordinate,clearly still a
learner followed closely and looked very attentive-as
if he was in a lecture. The head paramedic checked
Andrew’s pulse and immediately shouted that he was
alive but had passed out. We were all relieved. I
picked myself up from the ground with the news.He
ordered his junior to tell the fire brigade to rush and
extricate Andrew’s leg from the wreck as he was
losing a lot of blood. To say I was relieved would be
an understatement. The whole of Samora and
takawira was filled with cars and people. Traffic had
come to a standstill as this was a serious accident
blocking the road. I saw some flashes and knew that
this was my cue to disappear. Hmetro and some other
news crew had arrived. Andrew was alive so I did not
need to stick around anymore lest people think I was
in the car with him. Some had already started
speculating that I was the wife. I could already see
the headlines tomorrow, wife flees husband with
lover resulting in car crash. Ayaz. I walked barefoot
all the way to Park lane and grabbed a kombi to
Avondale. I had to beg the kombi driver to let me in
for free because I had nothing on me-the idiot
Terrence had left with my cellphone, shoes and
purse. Kombi driver wacho felt sorry for me when he
realised I was barefoot. Suddenly my story was
believable. They let me in the kombi but only on the
condition that I sat paKadoma (at e back of the
front seat) with the hwindi (conductor). How the
mighty have fallen shuwa. A successful lawyer like
me sitting paKadoma with no shoes and no money on
me. I was humbled. No matter how rich you become
you must never look down upon anyone because you
never know who is going to be there for you in your
time of need. I had nothing good to say about kombi
drivers and hwindis but look who had come to my
rescue when Terrence had left me. Mxm. Your money
can’t help you if it’s in the bank and you are stuck in
town without even a 5 rand coin to get you home. I
started crying silent tears and never bothered to
wipe them. My life can be so complicated . I hadn’t
even told my family about what was going on. Fadzi
was pregnant and did not need the stress, Nyasha
was still dealing with what happened to him and our
father Mr Sango was with Chenai somewhere out of
the country and we couldn’t reach him until he got
back. I was startled when a guy I had not noticed
before handed me some toilet paper and asked me to
wipe my tears. I looked up and saw the most sincere
face I had ever seen. He was a musope(Albino) with
an oval face with well-defined cheek bones, and light
brown eyes. His hair was woven into very nice
dreadlocks that dropped to his shoulders. I had never
looked a Musope(Albino) in the eyes before and I
must say it wasn’t the worst experience at all. It
was actually refreshing to look at something
different. Light brown long eyelashes fluttered as he
told me I would be ok. I thanked him and accepted
the tissue. I wiped my eyes and folded my hands,
maintaining eye contact with him. For some reason I
could not look away, and he let me. There was
nothing uncomfortable about the way we looked at
each other. I looked at him from top to bottom. His
skin was creamy and soft and very light. What
amazed me about this guy was he did not have scars
on his skin like most vasope. His skin was well taken
care of-flawless if I must add. When the kombi
stopped at Avondale shops I reluctantly dropped off
and began to walk home slowly. I heard footsteps
behind me and behold the guy was running towards
me. “I’m sorry to be so forward but may I please
have your number. I feel that you need someone to
talk to. The way you were crying and the state you
are in got to me.” I gave him my number and he
promised he would call before setting off in a
different direction. I got home and found my
belongings thrown on my doorstep. But Terrence so.
What if a lucky thief had come by and picked my
stuff. Luckily everything was there including my
house keys. I made a silent Thank you Lord prayer as
I went straight to my bathtub where I spent the
next 2 hours crying and thinking about all the events
that had happened.
The next day I went to work with red eyes. I had
tried all the remedies of making my eyes become less
puffy but to no avail. Simone knew not to ask. I
would tell her when the time was right. Luckily my
bosses were out of the country on some workshop so
my latest problem would not reflect bad on me. I
received a text from Andrew telling me that he was
in the hospital with his leg suspended in the air but
that he was fine. He asked for me to come see him.
Now that I knew he was alive I suddenly didn’t feel
that love I felt when I thought he had died. I know I
loved him but was I still in love with him?
Ndakapishana nepfungwa (I was burdened by my
thoughts) as I drove to West-end hospital to see
Andrew. He was in a private ward. I bumped into his
mother as she was coming out the door, on a phone
call. We had seen each other casually before so she
knew who I was. I found him lying on his back with a
urine tube attached to a bag which was almost full.
Yuck. His leg had a plaster and it hung in the air,
suspended by some brace I failed to understand. His
face was swollen and for the first time Andrew
looked ugly and helpless to me. His face lit up when
he saw me and I bent down to hug him. “I’m sorry
Maka. Please forgive me. I know this is God
punishing me for cheating on you. I will never ever
do it again I promise. Babe please take me back. I
will never cheat on you again. God has punished me
enough and I have been told I might lose my leg.” All
I could think in my head was how it is easy for
humans to say sorry when they have been caught,
when they have already discarded the value of the
relationship. My eyes welled up with tears. I loved
him but I could not be with him anymore. I needed to
walk away from him with the small pieces of my heart
that I still had. I opened my mouth to tell him I could
not take him back when Andrew’s mum walked into
Andrew’s room wailing, “Not my daughter!!Andrew
Charlene is dead!!Your sister is gone!!” And I
thought I had it bad!!Ndomuramba sei manje(How do i
dump him now?)

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Chapter 37:DRAMA

Have you ever been heartbroken by someone and they
never looked back to say I’m sorry or to try to work
things out? If your responce is yes i’m sure you are
already remembering how painful it was. The gut
wrenching pain that gripped you Everytime you
checked your phone to find nothing from the person.
Then imagine the day they finally decide to pick up
their phone and call you.Do you not feel relieved,
ecstatic to say the least? You feel that at least they
cared enough to look for you hanti?Enough to want
you back, enough to say they are sorry. I was
experiencing such a moment. I could feel the serious
disapproval radiating from Rumbi even before I said
anything to her. “Maka don’t even think about it.
This man hurt you, he cheated on you. He does not
deserve to even hear your sweet voice. Block him
immediately.” I listened even though my heart
fluttered and beat ferociously with excitement. I had
to be strong. The fact that he had tried to reach out
to me made me feel better about my heartbreak. I
had the power to walk away from this knowing he
still wanted me. As soon as Rumbi dropped me off I
dashed into my flat, grabbed my purse and went to
the nearest pharmacy to buy a pregnancy kit. I could
not decide which one would be the best so
ndakamakumba ese (I bought one of each). I had to
know whether I was pregnant or not before making
this decision. If I was not pregnant I could happily
walk away, if I wasn’t I had to make a hard choice,
stay with Andrew for the baby, or stay with him
because I loved him plus the baby. I have honestly
always been that woman who declared in public kuti
ini ndikahurirwa anoenda hake kune the other woman
I don’t fight for a confused man (If he cheats on me
I’ll let him go so he can be with the other woman).
Nomatter how you love someone i believe ypu have to
walk away when they cheat on you.I knew that if
pregnancy turned out to be real it would make me go
against everything I had ever believed in. Right, so I
headed straight for the toilet to pee. I was not
wasting any time at all. The nearest cup in the
bathroom found its way lodged between my legs,
awaiting the first drops of urine. I took out my 10
pregnancy test kits and one by one started to pour
the little drops of urine. I carefully spread them out
on the bathroom floor and went to my kitchen to look
for food. The hunger pangs were starting to kick in.
In my haste to rush to the shops I had forgotten the
doggy bag Rumbi had packed for me in her car. I
made myself an egg sandwich and ate slowly,
dreading the way time was flying. I paused to check
my phone and saw several rejected calls coming from
Andrew. My phone notifies me later when a rejected
call has come through. I wiped a tear or two as I
remembered all Andrew had put me through. I calmly
got up and went to the bathroom. An ominous feeling
hung in the air around me. I was so scared or what I
was going to reveal by looking at those strips. I
knelt on the floor and began crawling towards the
strips. One by one they all showed the negative
result-one strip. Ndakabata denga veduwe!!!(I
almost touched the sky with happiness) .I had dodged
a bullet.The lord had done it for me again. Chineke is
a faithful God!!!!Heartbreak? Whats that? I’m not
pregnant!!! Fuck Andrew, fuck love and fuck men!!
We are just on this earth to while up time before
the second coming of Christ.Anything else is just
chasing the wind. I would not dwell on Andrew a
second longer. I had to celebrate hela hela!! I went
to my phone and made a call to a guy called Terrence
who had for weeks been asking to take me out for a
drink or an ice cream or something. Terrence is a
good looking, tall average complexion guy who works
ku Delta. That’s the most I know about him besides
that I met him through an old friend from the gym.
He seemed to check out as a nice guy. I always blew
him off because i had a man.Terrence was happy to
hear from me and we soon made a date for that
night. We were going ku Zim café to see Steve
Makoni perform and have a few drinks. Terry came to
pick me up at 7pm sharp and I was dressed to kill
such that he couldn’t help but drool. I was
determined to make sure that this night would be a
great one with no thoughts of Andrew and his
deception. “Yeah so like Tinashe told you I’m 28 and
at the top of my career game. I also recently opened
a restaurant and planning on staring my own
company too. I don’t want to die working for
somebody else” Terry was a well put together guy
and every time he smiled dimples formed on his
cheeks. Give me a guy with dimples and I can’t
resist. Someone please remind me why I never gave
this guy the time of day? We ordered the meat
platter and were soon drinking the night away with
Steve Makoni beautifying the air with his guitar and
music. I was sad when we had to go because
thoughts of andrew would soon consume me alone.I
was going back to work the following day and so was
he so we both needed to be sober by tomorrow the
next day. Terrence asked me out again for the next
day. I happily agreed.
Next day I was a little hung over but ready for a full
work day ahead. Andrew continued to call me and I
continued to ignore him. Simone looked at me with a
concerned look in her eyes when for the 10th time
she had to tell Andrew that I was not in the office.
“I’ll tell you later Simone, just know that me and
him are not together anymore and he is a bastard” I
said as I picked my bag up to go for lunch. Nandos
alone for me today. I went to Nandos Samora machel
and was about to walk in when I heard footsteps and
heavy breathing behind me. It was Andrew. Dammit. I
acted as if I didn’t see him and proceeded to order
my 3 bean salad and quarter chicken. Andrew hastily
took out a hundred dollar bill from his wallet and
gave it to the surprised person behind the till
because I was obviously refusing to acknowledge this
person and yet he was paying for my food. I went to
my table with Andrew hot on my heels. My heart beat
was having its own kind of palpitations and I knew I
needed to get out of this situation now. My order
arrived and I ate in silence as Andrew sat in front
of me with red puffy eyes staring at me. I felt sad
for him. Kuyeuka bako waniwa chaiko (remembering
the cave after you get rained on). He was only sorry
now because I had caught him and refused to take
him back. What scared me the most was Andrew had
resorted to stalking in order to talk to me? I found
that as creepy as hell. “Maka baby I’m sorry, please
talk to me, I am not confused anymore. It’s you
that I want. I have already broken up with Linda it
was a mistake Maka please give me another chance.”
Just as Andrew was speaking I received a call from
Terrence confirming our date that night. My phone is
really loud and Andrew was close enough to hear
Terrence tell me he would pick me up at my place
tonight. “Maka what’s this? Who is Terrence? You
have already replaced me?” he demanded. I got up
and went to ask for a doggy back and promptly left
the building!!
At exactly 5pm I got off work and rushed to my place
to get dressed for my date. Terry was coming at 630
pm and I had to look nice and pretty. I wore a sexy
blue dress that accentuated my shape and gold shoes.
Ha Terrence did not stand a chance chokwadi. I
walked out of my flat and into the parking lot and I
was shocked to see Andrew parked next to Terrence
with a deranged look on his face. His eyes had gotten
redder and he looked angry. Typical man. He cheats
on you and gets angry when you dump him and try to
move on with your life. I removed my heels and sped
to Terrence’s car because I knew for a fact Andrew
would never let me get into that car. I got into
Terrence’s car just as Andrew left his and tried to
intercept. Drama was about to unfold and I was so
not prepared for this.
“Terry please lock your doors. I’m sorry but you see
that guy coming towards us? He is that ex of mine
that I told you about and he won’t take no for an
answer. He has resorted to stalking me and I don’t
know what to do please drive off quickly so we can
dodge him,” All Terrence said to me was, “Maka I
don’t like drama” as he sped off into King George
road. Ten minutes later we were in town and headed
towards our destination and we thought we had lost
Andrew. How wrong we were. We heard a loud honk
come from behind us. It was Andrew and he was
flashing his lights and signalling for us to stop the
car. Terrence akatiwo handinzarwo (Terrence
decided to step on his accelerator). We were soon
racing in samora machel dodging Andrew and Andrew
matching each action we took and remaining hot on
our heels. It happened in seconds. One moment
Andrew was in hot pursuit and the next his car was
hit from behind by a car whose path he had cut off.
The next thing I heard was a loud bang and I looked
back to see Andrews car flying out of the road and
colliding into another parked car in samora. I
screamed and Terrence stopped the car!!!

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Chapter 36:Mixed feelings

So this is what my life had become. I was clearly
lactating. Saka it meant ndine nhumbu ka (meaning I
was pregnant ka?) How could I have been so gullible
and naïve and reckless? What kind of a lawyer am I
if I failed to see through Andrew’s impeccable
deceit? For the first time in many years, I had felt
like I had truly found the one man who deserved me-
one man who loved me very much and showered me
with affection and all the love in the world. How had
it gotten to this? Andrew cheated on me with Linda
my arch enemy, the girl he told me he didn’t love
anymore. He looked me in the eye and told me that he
and Linda were finished and that the woman he
wanted to be with for the long haul was me. My
thoughts went back to the night me and Andrew slept
together. Yes I’m not going to call it making love
because clearly this guy was having his cake and
eating it.Aingoda kukwira ka uyu(he just wanted to
sleep witg me) He slept with me without a condom
for that matter, knowing fully well that he was also
sleeping and dating Linda. We slept together without
a condom amana!!I have to repeat it to myself to
convince myself that this shit was real and I can
never forget because I’m totally and fully screwed.
Pregnant nemwana wemunhu andihurira here
veduwe?(To beregnant by a man who cheated on me).
If this turned out to be true, the following nine
months would be the worst of my life. It has been a
week now and Andrew had not called or texted me or
come looking for me. I know I told him never to
speak to me or look for me again but it would be a
better hell if he at least pretended he still wanted
me. Clearly he had decided to go for Linda and work
things out with her. I’m the one who got left behind.
I know I didn’t want him in my life anymore but the
fact that he went quiet on me broke my heart even
more. I didn’t eat, I didn’t sleep, the hole in my
stomach became deeper and deeper each day as I
looked at my phone and saw no missed calls or texts
from the guy. He told me he was confused but clearly
it was Linda he wanted.I went to see my doctor
friend called Marcus and asked him to write me a
note saying I was not fit for work. Truth be told I
looked like shit. I wasn’t bathing well ,wasn’t
putting on enough lotion and my clothes were
starting to fall of me.It was like the Jacob typa
heartbreak all over again except this one was
trebled. For your information, if you want a
guaranteed weight loss programme just get your
heart broken, your weight troubles will be over in a
jiffy. I had James Chimombe’s song-Muchiti mugere-
on replay the whole week. “Kana usisade nezvangu,
usandinyare ndiudze ndapota, pane kuti undiite
mashura, washoreiko ndiudze ndapota. Kana nzira
yapfumba kumwe ,usandinyare ndiudze ndapota!!(If
you don’t want me anymore do not be shy please tell
me, rather than play me, if you feel the grass is
greener elsewhere, do not be shy, tell me
please).Such an insightful song and yet people prefer
to lie.I think its always best to always break up
than cheat.
A knock on my door jerked me back to reality. I went
to the door to find a worried Rumbi standing there,
with chocolates in her hand. “I’m so sorry Maka. I
got here as soon as I landed in Harare, sha these
dudes aint loyal. Get your shoes im taking you to
lunch my dear? You really need to get out and have
some fresh air. Ana Andrew they will come and go
sister” I gave her a resigned but grateful look as I
went to my bedroom to collect mapatapata (slippers).
Yes it was that bad. I did not care what I wore. I
bought this cheap pair of slippers ku Gulf and they
were strong but they had a strong smell of rubber.
Rumbi stifled a laugh when she saw me and my
tracksuit bottoms, spaghetti top and yellow slippers.
I also had a satchel bag with everything tangible
Andrew had ever bought me on my shoulder. She
would let this one slide, I had a broken heart. I was
allowed to look bad. Rumbi drove us to Pahuku at the
Harare showground in samora. I had never been to
the place before. It’s the typical African style
cuisine, mostly chicken beef and pork meats grilled on
a braai stand, with free sadza (pap). I ordered the
mixed grill meaning I got all the meat; I also got a
salad along with it. For the first time in months I
ordered a fizzy drink. Minute maid was not going to
cut it.Not when i was sad. You just want to eat
unhealthy when you sad. We sat down and waited for
our order. Some guys tried to chat us up but I
snapped at them when I saw that one of them had a
ring on his finger. I loudly told him to stay the fuck
away from me and my friend and go home to his wife.
The man was so embarrassed. Serves him right, who
the fuck do men think they are messing with our
hearts, cheating on us all the time. What did we ever
do to the male race? Rumbi calmed me down and we
began to eat as soon as our order came through. I’m
a meat lover but on this day I failed to finish my
food. It was tasteless to me. Rumbi gave me a sad
look and asked for a doggy bag so I could eat later.
Nothing she said made it any better. That was until
she looked me in the eye and said, “Maka, life may be
rude, but it can never take your beauty away from
you. Andrew cheated on you and I know it hurts but
be grateful you found out sooner rather than later.
It doesn’t mean you did anything wrong. The problem
is him; he doesn’t know a good woman when he sees
one. It’s his loss Maka. Stop crying because he didn’t
call. You were born alone and you will die alone. You
don’t need a man to complete you” Wow. Her words
were exactly what I needed to hear. We got up and
I asked Rumbi to drive me to Cleveland dam because I
needed to breathe some fresh air. We got there and
slowly walked to the dam, talking about life in
general. I had my satchel with me and she kept
glancing at me wondering what was in it. When we
got the edge of the lake I opened the bag and
started throwing everything Andrew had ever gotten
me. The cards, the watch, the make-up kits, the
expensive camera, the underwear, the vibrator (yes I
owned a vibrator thanks to Andrew. I hated to see it
go but it had to). Nothing was spared .All Rumbi
could do was scream at me and ask me if I was
crazy. She begged me not to throw in the camera
because she loved it so much but it was too late. I
wanted to forget about Andrew whether I was
having his kid or not. Oh shit. I reminded myself i
had to take a pregnancy test just to make sure but
to be honest i was convinced i was pregnant.After
the last piece of jewellery was in the lake I turned
calmly to Rumbi and said, “Oh by the way, I’m
pregnant with Andrew’s baby. We had unprotected
sex and now weeks later im lactating” Rumbi’s face
was masked with horror!! “What? Let me call that
bastard now. How dare he get you pregnant, cheat
on you and not even call you! Who the hell does
that?” She took out her phone and began to dial his
number. I chased after her and grabbed her phone.
There was no way in hell Andrew was finding out
about this. Nyangwe zvidii (no matter what) I was
going to raise this baby alone. I was not going to be
tied to a man who broke my heart to tiny pieces. He
did not deserve to be a a father.Me and Rumbi were
on the ground now rolling around getting ouselves
coverd in dust trying to get control of the phone. My
phone suddenly rang and we both froze. I took it out
of my bag and guess who was calling. Andrew. I had
deleted his number but I knew it by heart. My heart
beat so fast it threatened to rip itself out of my
chest. I wanted to collapse. I started sweating. I
had rehearsed all the things I was going to tell him if
he ever called but clearly I was not prepared. I
started crying all over again. The call dropped and a
message got delivered to my phone. “Maka, it’s you
that I want, im not confused anymore. Please talk to
me baby, I want you and you alone. I have broken up
with Linda. I suddenly had mixed feelings and I
instantly regretted throwing away all my beautiful
gifts. I looked at Rumbi.Ndodii manje (what should I
do now?)

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Chapter 35:Maka’s inferno

Gosh, this can’t be happening. In my head, I replayed
the night I vomited on Tichaona, over and over again,
“Tich you slept with Linda!! I can’t believe this!! I
pointed my perfectly manicured finger at him. His
eyes suddenly avoided my gaze and the man looked
very guilty. The bastard was not even trying to deny
it! “Yes I did Maka and it was a bid mistake which I
regret every day. I was emotional with the divorce
and then there was you; I just didn’t know what I
was doing at that time. Linda seduced me”.
There it is, all the evidence I need. What is more
important than a confession? He said he slept with
Linda and that’s all there is to it. But Maka, you
know deep down that you doubt that. He admitted to
sleeping with her but did he admit he was the masked
man in the video? The more my thoughts lingered
down that path the more my mind slowly started to
give me reasons to believe my new theory: Maybe,
the masked man was Andrew. I’ll ask him about it
kana amuka (when he wakes up).
“Morning angel”, he whispered as he looked up at
me. “You’re up early”. The grave look in my eyes
made him sit up straight. “What’s wrong babe? Did
you have another seizure? Did I hurt you last night?
Talk to me mami”. I could hear the concern and
sincerity in his voice.
I picked up my robe and made my way to the kitchen
in silence. Izvi zvinotoda cup ye coffee. (I was going
to need a cup of coffee for this). Not really sure
why I decided to wear my robe, it’s not like he didn’t
see all of me last night. *chuckles* Force of habit I
guess. With my thoughts running amok I hadn’t
heard Andrew follow me into the kitchen.
“Maka, you’ve got me worried”. I looked him dead in
the eyes, my answer heavy and curt, and just let it
out, “Andrew, when was the last time you talked,
saw or…slept, with Linda?”
His response was calm and composed, “The day she
walked into your office was the last day I saw her or
talked to her. As for the last bit of your question,
what’s really on your mind Maka? If this is about the
video that went viral and…” he retorted, “…the
black patch of hair on my back, I can’t believe you’d
think that low of me. Do you know how many men are
walking around with a patch of black hair on their
back?” It was a rhetorical question but my brain
silently answered, ‘that I know of, only 2’. Gosh, if
this is what love is, I want Andrew to take it back
from wherever he brought it from. Had I really
become this gullible? But he did raise a valid point. If
I happen to see a black patch of hair on Mr Sango’s
back am I to assume then that he was the masked
men? Come on Maka give yourself a break. As for the
rest of the morning, well, it was spent dressing and
undressing and ordering in food. *winks*
So this is what weeks of being away from Simone can
do to a sane human. “If you are going to be hugging
me like that all day every day Maka, then I think it’s
now safe for us to have ‘the talk”. She grinned as
she pulled out a chair for me in my own office.
‘The talk’? I have no clue what you could possibly be
insinuating. And I’m sure it’s definitely not about
the birds and the bees” I said, returning her
mischievous smile with one of my own.
She looked at me dumbfounded. “You need lessons on
this being the cool-boss thing Maka, you’re going
about it all wrong. Now how am I going to talk about
a raise when you are playing blonde?” She stood up
and stormed out of the office and I’m sure whatever
she was mumbling under her breathe were not words
of love and admiration. “I’d missed you too Simone”,
my voice shouted after her.
It felt good being back at work, having to
concentrate on something other than brain hypoxia
treatments and Fadzy’s bump and Andrew. Ahh,
Andrew. Gosh, I can almost feel my cheeks turn red
at the mere thought of him. Every week since
February started he has been sending me an array of
bouquets, chocolates, perfumes and at one point in
time he sent a red and black lace lingerie with a note
that read, Size 7 right? I do hope they fit Zve
sadza repa Mai Molly ndanga ndichazviziva (and the
sadza from Molly’s mum had become but a memory).
Lunch was served in a different restaurant with
Andrew every day. Ndo kurarama LG kauku (this is
what I call living the good life). One fine lunch I
arrived at Maestro’s and found his cousin brother’s
seated at the table. For a moment I panicked. I was
not ready to meet his family. And yes, remember my
almost-one-night-stand? He was there too. Talk
about awkward. Surprisingly, he was the nicest of
the bunch and he even pulled a joke about how he had
almost stolen me from Andrew. I’m grateful his
cousin sisters live kumanhenga (overseas), a
boyfriend’s sister can be the hardest to crack. They
can dislike you from the get go, first time
impressions are everything with them. I would know,
Fadzy and I have made the lives of Nyasha’s
girlfriends a living hell. In our defence, they were all
poor choices.
The following morning I drove to Andrew’s place
before going to work. He wanted me to take his
SL500 down to SA for service next weekend since I
was headed there for a meeting anyway. I was not
going to let the chance of rolling in a Merc for the
week pass me by. Figured I’d leave my little baby at
his house and enjoy his for the rest of the week.
Traffic to Gunhill isn’t as hectic in the morning as it
is at night. I pulled up to the gate and rang the
intercom. Silence. I rang it again. Silence. Andrew
can sleep like a log sometimes. I was about to leave
when, “Baby mhani, chimbomira zvechikudo makseni
(stop playing rough games so early in the morning).
Sorry, Andrews place who is this?” Either Andrew
had found the woman behind the Econet voicemail or I
was dreaming. I recognise that voice even in my
sleep. And what kind of a stupid question is that,
kasi gate video yake haisi kushanda (isn’t his gate
video transmitter working)?
“Who is it hun?” Andrew asked from the background.
“I’m not sure; all I can see is a blue Volvo YCC”.
“Oh, shit!!!” And with that, I raved my engine and
sped out of sight. Anywhere but here. How can he?
Linda here askana (not Linda). Anyone but Linda.
Everything started to make sense, the way he
gawked at Linda the day of the red dress, the
occasional business trips to ‘Botswana’, the black
patch of hair , mxm. Not to mention the sudden
increase in gifts and public display of affection. I
can’t believe I’ve become so gullible. It’s funny how
tears just roll down your cheeks whenever they
sense the presence of another person nearby. I
couldn’t go back to work, not in this state. I called
Simone and asked her to give the rest of my cases
for that week to Marcus.
Rinonyenga rinohwarara rinosimudza musoro rawana
(one is nicest when in courtship, after that, their
true colours emerge). I got home and drank the rest
of the vidka that Mathew had bought the night Fadzy
invited him over. They say you never find answers at
the bottom of a bottle of alcohol, but tonight,
answers were the last thing I needed to hear. Two
days passed and not a single word from Andrew. Not
even his flowers.
“Maka, open the door. I know you are in there.”
By now, my mind was in fight or flight mode and my
heart just needed to hear the truth from him.
Andrew burst through the door. For a moment I was
flummoxed by the fact that I hadn’t locked it.
“You’re a heartless bastard. Linda! You looked at me
dead in the eyes that day and told me that you
hadn’t seen her let alone slept with her since the day
you saw her in my office. But that was just another
one of your charming lies wasn’t it Andrew”. My
eyes were so intense they resembled glowing coals.
“I’m sorry,” Andrew whispered, as he put an arm
around my shoulder in an attempt to offer comfort.
I jerked away. Andrew might have guessed that I
was contemplating forgiving him, except that was
the furthest thing from my mind. Having the power
to decide whether a man lives or not, is a great
responsibility that you cannot just decide on
irrelevant material. The matter at hand however was
not immaterial now was it? Careful Andrew, one
wrong word and it might be your last.
“You are not going to do this to me again Andrew. I
won’t let you.”
“Maka, I… I’m…I am so sorry. That day at the
“I was there and I remember that all too well, so
spare me the details, your jaw sold you out” I
“I wish I could take it all back Maka, you and Linda
have always been closest to my heart. And I will
always care for both of you very deeply. It’s just
that, I’m in love with you both and I can’t let either
one of you go”.
Without the slightest warning, I walked past him and
opened the door. “Very deeply? Mxm. Get out
Andrew, and don’t you dare come back”. He turned
around and walked out the door. When he spun back I
threw his nearest bouquet at him, “And take your
wilting flowers with you.” With that, I slammed the
door closed and locked it.
I sat on the kitchen floor, shaking with rage,
confusion, anger and whatever else a broken heart
comes with. When your heart breaks, it’s not just a
metaphor is it? The physical pain it comes with: your
chest hurts and there is this hollow feeling in the pit
of your stomach and not to mention the severe
headaches from all the tears. Healing the soul is a
chancier thing than curing flesh and bone. And the
anger? The anger I felt towards Andrew held close to
the bone.
Oh Maka, what have you gotten yourself into? I felt
like my whole body wanted to shut down. But the
sense of impending doom gave me a sleepless night
that evening. I was wide awake by 3:15am,
disoriented and feeling like my brain and heart are in
overdrive. At first I couldn’t understand why until
the events of the previous days dawned on me.
Nothing else is wrong or out of order in my life, it’s
just, Andrew, my Andrew left this colossal hole in my
chest. I lay curled up in a ball and wrapped my arms
around my chest, rocking from side to side. My chest
was wet. I reached for the Kleenex I keep next to
my alarm clock. Damn tears. Wait, is that…? I
looked at my breasts.Am I lactating? I was more
awake now than I was before. Does this inferno get
any deeper!!!

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Chapter 34:Confict and emotion

I listened to the doctor’s voice as it trailed off into
the distance. He had been going on and on about how
cerebral hypoxia is an emergency condition that
needs to be treated right away and how the sooner
the oxygen supply is restored to the brain, the lower
the risk of severe brain damage and death. I have
never heard of anyone akauraiwa ne (killed as a
result of) cerebral hypoxia! Munhu mutema (a black
person) for that matter? I was clearly not dead so
that should mean I’m perfectly fine, right?
“Ms Garisayi, MS GARISAYI! Please pay attention”.
The doctor’s voice hauled me back into present day.
“Treatment depends on the cause of the hypoxia and
basic life support is most important so I would like
to keep you in here for a little while longer”. It was
more of a command than a doctor doing his civic
“But doc…” I started to protest, “I have a job to
get back to. How long is ‘a little while longer’ going
to be?” Even as I asked him I knew I would dread his
His answer was short and brisk. “Two weeks at the
most”. What in the world was I going to be doing
muno (in here) for an entire fortnight? All factors
considered though, I’d closed most of my cases and I
didn’t have much work to do. Besides, sick leave
inozoshanda papi (when will I get to use my sick
The next couple of days were a series of treatments
and medication that left me feeling all the more sick.
From mechanical ventilation and oxygen, to
controlling my heart rate and rhythm. Then the
prescriptions: phenytoin, phenobarbital, valproic acid
and general anaesthetics. If anything, they might be
the reason of my deteriorating state. If this turns
out to be a case of wrongful medication I will slap
this ‘Doctor Shonongorai’ character and this hospital
with so much litigation their grandchildren would still
need lawyers!! I’m starting to feel like I’m in
medical school all over again and I don’t even know if
these pills have side effects. Yes, I said it, ‘all over
again’. Before I turned to law, signing up for
medical school seemed like a pretty good and
‘lucrative’ idea until I took the classes. Finding out
my lecturer had cheated on her husband and stripped
him of all his money gave me all the more reason to
drop medicine and pursue a career in divorce law.
Several pay checks into that career, I have never
regretted that move at all!
In all my time at the hospital, the only presence that
kept me sane was that of Andrew. Not a day would
pass by asingauyi kuzondiona, iye nemaruva ake
(that he wouldn’t visit me, flowers and all). There’s
something about Andrew that made me drop my guard
every time I saw him. Something that left me utterly
boneless every time he looked my way. And even now,
as he stood by my bed side, in all his twenty seven
years, there is something that affected me ten
times more than it did in my teen years!!! His brown
gaze met mine and locked, tightening the lump that
was now lodged in my throat. Gosh, this man was
sexy and he had that sense of the untamed clawing
under his skin. To think I had never looked at him
like this before, my eyes ticking every feature of his
off my ‘sacred’ list. He had this look of concern
when he furrowed his brow. I could never quite
figure out whether it was a look of concern, anger,
frustration or arousal. This is deplorable to admit,
but I think I burn more calories in my thoughts than
I do at the gym. *hides face*. That’s what happens
when all the sexcapades you have attempted in the
last few months have been exactly that: s-
“How are you feeling babe? I’ve got good news; the
doctor said he’s discharging you today. Daddy’s
taking you home”. The breath in his voice drifted
across my hot cheeks like a lover’s touch.
“You’ve been drinking without me already?” He
looked at me, eyes gleaming, daring me to add on
something bold. I hardly ever disappoint. “That
better be a drink of celebration I smell in your
breath boo or else the only person doing any
celebrating will be me”. We laughed that off.
You know that feeling you got when you walked out
of your last secondary level or tertiary level exam?
The one where you threw all your stationery into the
nearest bin or onto the ground? That feeling of
utter freedom. It felt the same way, and even
better getting out of that depressing coral robe and
driving closer and closer to the taste of a freshly
brewed cup of Ethiopian coffee and a glass of
Robertsons natural sweet red wine. I had a lot of
catching up to do with Olivia Pope, Emily Thorne, a
couple of walking dead and good old Mary Jane. No
wonder my love life is such a mess! When we got
home, Andrew carried me all the way to my room
insisting that I take a nap before diving into any
unnecessary activities.
So why did the light pressure of his hand against my
hip when he lay me down on the bed feel a tad bit too
intimate? “I’ll wake you up when it’s time for
supper”. His whiskey-scented breath against my
temple suddenly sent shivers down my back. Andrew
was watching me, staring at me so intently I could
almost feel his soul. I raised the palm of my hand to
his chest. Gosh, his heart was beating faster than
my own. He drew in closer, my breasts brushed his
chest and the sweetness of it all ignited quivers in
my abdomen. Enticed, I arched my back up, all the
while, imprisoned by the challenge in his eyes. Manly,
piquant, his cologne taunted my nostrils. I tried to
swallow the golf ball in my throat, but he was so
close I could hardly execute a single train of
thought. With his left hand supporting my back, his
right hand ripped my chiffon blouse open. I could
hear the buttons drop all over my floor but I
wouldn’t dare drop my gaze. It’s hard enough that I
couldn’t breathe, swallow, speak or hear anything
over the sound of the African drums beating in my
chest!!! Who would ever have thought they’d live to
see the day Makanaka Garisayi looked like a deer
caught in headlights. I cast a glance at his lips, I
know he saw that because his lips were hardly inches
away now. I tilted my chin, reached my tongue out
to his lips and… NOW! TAKE ME NOW ANDREW! Sweep
me up in your construction-worker-like-arms and
take me to your cave. Ndakanda mapfumo pasi (I
My cell phone rings. I reach for it, hold the bright
screen to my squinting face and set it on snooze!
Mornings are the worst.
‘Centuries’ later I open my eyes. That alarm again!!!
Argggh! I switch it off. Andrew makes a noise…hold
up, wait, Andrew IS IN MY BED!!! *i do a little jive*.
He looks so sweet when he is asleep, without the
furrowed brow and the dangerous untamed eyes
hiding a story of their own. He slides up next to me,
his chin tucking into my shoulder. Lol, men can be
such big babies! My left hand goes on an escapade of
its own, fingers trailing his backbone from his gluts
up to his left shoulder when…is that a ? No, it
can’t be. Carefully, trying not to wake him up, I sit
up straight. Good gosh, it’s a black patch of hair!!!
If Andrew is related to Tich I am going to LOSE MY

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Chapter 33:Of near death experiences

Have you ever gone through a moment in time that
seems like seconds turned to hours? They say when
your end is near, your entire life plays out before
you in slow motion: acutely aware of everything
around you, yet completely oblivious to what lies in
So this is how the mighty fall. I could almost see the
headlines in tomorrow’s Herald paper, “Lawyer
drowns in pool”. Ah ah, that’s it? No mystery,
nothing?. Imagine all my archenemies getting their
hands on tomorrow’s paper and seeing that ‘shallow’
headline. Shallow headline? Lol, the irony. Nah, my
headline has to be something chiri catchy ka,
“Tycoon divorce lawyer drowns in a pool: suicide or
murder?” Now that I can ‘live’ with. Time slowed, I
willed myself not to breathe lest I lose whatever
oxygen I still had. Funny enough, I was peculiarly
detached from the part of me that was silently
screaming in horror. As I went down, I saw, in the
clear depths, the floor of the pool, and Andrew, my
sweet Andrew pulling me deeper into the abyss, in a
twisted call of safety.
A chill ran down my spine as I came to. The hospital
smell started to seep into my nostrils, its unknown
scent quite similar to turpentine. Heavy-eyed and
groggy from the smell, I tried to make sense of my
surroundings. I could feel my right arm blowing up,
only to realise that it was a nurse probably doing her
routine blood pressure check. I spotted Fadzy
sleeping on the bed-side chair; her Mathew was
outside the room talking to a scrawny looking middle
aged man in a white coat who I presumed was an
intern. Nekuti (because) if he is the doctor taking
care of me, he clearly needs to take care of his
health first, he looks undernourished. No offense to
any scrawny doctors out there but hmmmm, kuudzwa
hunyimwa (seeing is believing, it’s hearing that
isn’t), if you saw this guy you wouldn’t trust him
with your own life ini ndini wamurikuda kuti
amutembe (and you want me to)?
“Ahh, Ms Garisayi, welcome back to the land of the
living. For a moment there we thought we’d lost
you”, the doctor said as he walked into the room. If
that was meant to be a joke for those who barely
scathed the claws of the grim reaper it was a low
blow. I gave him one of my ‘deathly’ stares and he
immediately became uncomfortable and cleared his
throat. “My name is Dr Sean Rujeko…”
I chuckled before he could finish his statement. I’m
sorry but anyone who says his name is Sean I have to
see their I.D first. The last time a guy told me his
name was Sean was in high school kuma (at the) Arts
Festivals. I was walking down the corridor on my way
to the Dining Hall (D.H) when this guy stepped from
the shadows revealing himself. Handsome did not
even do justice to his features. Sexy? Most
definitely, with a full erotic mouth and square jaw
faultlessly matching his dark brown hair. Haadaa,
this guy was too beautiful to be a guy. I dropped my
gaze, unable to meet the invasion of his eyes, eyes
that seemed to search the core of my soul. The
silence stretched and I glanced at his face once
“Makanaka Garisayi?” It was more of a question
than a fact. All I felt, NOT HEARD, was the treble of
his bass as he pronounced every syllable of my name.
If there is one thing I appreciate in a man (or guy as
he was at that time), is a solid bass. Not these men
with soprano voices at any age above 18. Haaaa, no
guys! “My apologies, where are my manners, my name
is Sean, can I walk you to the D.H”. You know how it
is kana uri mugede (when you are in form one) and
you are approached by a senior, you can NOT say for
the sole reason that being seen with a senior male
student raises the bars on your reputation. So this
Sean character and I spent the next two hours
socialising. It was not until the day he won the
debate against Shangu High School that his real name
came out. Heaven forbid!!! Ndakafa nekuseka (I
burst out laughing). I was seated amongst my
friends when they announced the winning debaters.
A man with dark hair and a medium build who, by the
looks of his crisply ironed blue shirt and dark hair,
stood up and roared, “And the award for the best
speaker goes to the third speaker from St Legolas
College, Mr Shonongorai Nhoko”. Who do I see
standing up, arms akimbo, chest puffed up like a
bull-frog? Lo and behold, my ‘sexy’ “Sean”. Sean
was short for shonongorai hahahah.That was the
last time I ever saw “Sean”. If a guy is going to
walk tall on stage when his FULL name is called, the
least he can do is introduce himself to a girl using
his real name! Imagine my children being called
during PE registration, “Tarisai Nhoko”? No, that
won’t do at all! No way in hell I was letting a man
named ‘goat faeces’ determine the surname my kids
and I carry for the rest of our lives. With or
without a double-barrel surname!
So, fast forward to 2015, Dr ‘Sean’ is introducing
“Ouch, Fadzy, why did you have to poke me so hard
with your elbow?” Somewhere in-between the Dr
walking into the room and my chuckling Fadzy had
woken up. Just my luck!
“Don’t be rude love, this man is trying to help YOU”,
she said firmly with a voice that sent shivers down
my spine. I’m not really sure whether Fadzy was
being all authoritative because Mathew was here or
because she nearly lost her sister. Whatever the
reason, I was going to pry it out of her as soon as I
was out of this depressingly coral green robe.
“It’s alright”, the doctor affirmed. “As I was
saying, Ms Garisayi, my name is Dr Sean Nhoko and I
will be your M.D. Maka, would you like to tell us what
happened at the pool?”
So here I was heavy-eyed, groggy and swallowing
shock after shock. Does anything ever happen in my
life that doesn’t send me into a constant state of
heart palpitations? Dr Nhoko was still introducing
himself as ‘Sean’ and he just had to be my medical
practitioner. But what happened to his ‘sexy’ appeal
though? You can’t tell me years of medical school do
that to a person? Nhai vana chiremba ndiudzeiwo
(doctors please confirm this for me). Hapasisina
zvema hentso nendimbandimba apa (all that handsome
hunk is gone). Sigh.
“I hardly remember what happened, all I know is one
minute I was in the pool and the next minute I was
at the bottom of it”. Whatever else had happened, or
how long I was under, I still had no clue.
“Maka, you hit your head on the ladder when you
where trying to haul yourself out of the pool sending
you into a state of unconsciousness. Unfortunately,
the supply of oxygen to your brain was cut off for
more than five minutes”. There was something in his
voice that did not sound right and the tremor did
nothing to assuage me at all!
“Oh come on Doc, just get on with it already, the
suspense is killing me!” The longer he paused the
more frustrated and angry I got. Why don’t doctors
just come out and lay the truth on the table like it
is? Lawyers give it to you straight (after we
convince you that we are your only way out though).
At that moment, Mathew and Andrew walked into the
room. Dr Nhoko looked at my sister and then the two
intruders and asked if they are part of the family.
Well, technically, Mathew is family, Andrew, hmmmm,
i’d rather he not be in here for whatever the doctor
was about to say. “Ermmm, Andrew baby, do you
mind standing outside for a few minutes? I’ll have
the doctor call you in as soon as he is done”. I saw
the dejected look in his eyes when he noticed that
Mathew not leaving the room. It’s not fair on him
though, I hardly know Mathew and Fadzy is already
treating him like they are married. “Mathew, please
wait outside as well, I’d rather have my sister here
with me right now; I hope you understand”. I shot
Fadzy an ‘I know he is your man but this is my life
look’. When the room was clear, I motioned to doctor
Nhoko to proceed.
“Maka, in near-drowning accidents, serious
symptoms are likely to occur. A patient may lose
their memory and have difficulty learning new things
as a result of the accident. He or she might also
have poor judgement abilities and motor
coordination. If the supply of oxygen is cut off for
more than five minutes, neurons inside the brain
begin to die. The symptoms are not as acute as in
most near-drowning patients but… I am afraid we
could be looking at brain hypoxia”.

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Chapter 32:Maka,Andrew/Mathew,Fadzi

The first person Andrew saw was Fadzy and I could
tell he was momentarily confused. He scanned the
room and saw me as I was just falling off the sofa I
was sitting on. “Babe I know I have a lot of
explaining to do. Please don’t be angry with me” he
said as he walked towards me. Ah the man was
demented. I was very angry-no- angry was an
understatement. I was livid and my hands had curled
into fists. If I had been close to a knife I’m sure I’d
have been preparing to stab Andrew any second now.
“Make calm down please” “Andre Mathew Katiyo how
the hell am I supposed to calm down when you
impregnated my sister!” There, I finally said it! You
thought I wouldn’t find out huh? Fadzi we have been
dating the same Mathew Katiyo!” Andrews face went
white. He looked very confused and that infuriated
me even more. Fadzi’s face on the other hand classic
chaiyo (it was a classic). Her eyes opened so wide
that I thought they would pop out. She pointed at
Andrew and me and tried to say something but failed.
Tears welled up in her eyes just before she burst
into fits of laughter. She clutched her chest and
threw herself on the ground laughing uncontrollably.
“Hahahahahahha Maka!!Kwaaaaaaaaaa, kikikikikikiki
pidigu dhii nekuseka(rolling on the floor laughing)!!
That is not my Mathew Katiyo sha. Yuck man!!That’s
not my boyfriend! Where do you get these things lil
sis?” At some point Andrew got the gist of what was
going on and started laughing as well. They were
soon rolling on the floor zvavo at my expense. I felt
like an idiot. “Hi I’m Fadzy, Maka’s older sister nice
to finally meet you Andrew” “Likewise, Andrew
replied.” They even shook hands whilst lying on the
floor. I was overcome by such embarrassment that
all I could do was cover my face and mutter more to
myself than anyone, “Maka you clutz” Andrew got up
and pulled me up from the carpet. He hugged me
tightly and whispered, “I know you are embarrassed
right now. We can talk about it when you feel better
ok?” “Ok” I relied in a soft voice and making a very
cute baby face. “Aww stop it you two!” Fadzy
complained, winking at me.
We all heard a cough come from the door and turned
around to find a very yellow, average height man
standing at the door. Dammit, no one had closed the
door. Who was this I wondered. My first thought
went to the pepper spray in my bedroom. This could
easily be a thief you know. He was a good looking guy
who looked well up but ka even thieves can pull such
a look.I am a very paranoid person and a person is
potentially guilty until proven otherwise. If I was
alone I would have pepper sprayed him first and
asked questions later. “Mathew!!” Fadzy exclaimed
whilst running towards the yellow bone and jumping
into his arms like she weighed 2kgs. The yellow bone
was clearly used to this for he had held out his arms
way before she called out his name. He spun her
around for 5 seconds before setting her down and
giving her a hearty kiss. “Sorry I took so long babe,
I got lost trying to find this flat. Never ask the
airtime guys for directions unorasika (you will get
lost). All I could think of was surely my Mathew was
not Fadzi’s Mathew!! Another thought in my head
was since when was Fadzy into yellow dudes. We
make fun of light skinned niggas on a regular and
this was a classic for me. I know I have dated light
skinned niggas before but not this light veduwe! Im
of the belief that the darker the berry the sweeter
the juice but clearly Fadzy had switched goal posts.
This explains why I hadn’t been shown this Mateo
(Mathew) before. Ndakafara veduwe (I was so
amused)!!My voice came back to me and I immediately
welcomed our guest and introduced myself and
The next one hour was a joyous coming together of
four people brought together by love. Andrew and
Mathew shared the plate of food that Fadzy had left
out for her man. It surely felt like Christmas had
come early. It turns out there is actually another
rich Katiyo in Zimbabwe but he is mostly popular in
Bulawayo because that’s where the bulk of his
businesses are. And well let’s be honest, Mathew is a
very common name and so is Katiyo. All is well that
ends well. Fadzi and Mathew decided to leave and go
to a hotel to give me and Andrew some privacy. Me
and Fadzi would gossip another day. Now that her
man had whisked her away I knew I was not going to
see her anytime soon. Takabva tasara tega (we were
left alone). We decided to watch a horror movie.
Andrew had brought me wine and chocolates and
various other gifts. “Babe as I was trying to say
earlier. I’m sorry I left you so soon after I had
asked you to be my girlfriend. I realised this on the
day I landed in Botswana kuti ndakaita chibharanzi (I
was a fool). That’s why I came back. I needed to
explain.” Wonders shall never seize. Such men still
exist in this life? I mean who does that? Flying out
of the country and coming back to apologise for such
a small thing. I felt all kinds of special I tell you.
“To be honest Maka I have forgotten how to be a
real man and it hit me that I had to come back to tell
you and spend time with you and reassure you that
you accepting my proposal has made me the happiest
man in Harare.” I melted and told him to stop talking
for I got the point. He kissed me on the forehead
and hugged me closer to him. And no we did not have
sex. Andrew is a gentleman he would never harass me
for that. We went to bed later that night and
cuddled until the next day. Andrew had to fly back to
Botswana the next morning as he had important
business deals to attend to that he had left pending
just to come back and see me. I was living a fairy-
tale life. My flat had a fresh supply of flowers
delivered everyday whether Andrew was there or
The next few days flowed pleasantly and I managed
to change gyms after the Tichaona incident. Body
active gym at Borrowdale race course is where I roll
now baby! I figured it would be better this way so
that I never see Tichaona Bandaza again. And well-
let’s be honest body active is a better gym than
Zempire, its cleaner with more sophisticated
machines and most importantly they have a pool. I
got off work and headed straight to the gym. I was
very tired so my mission was to swim for thirty
minutes, hit the shower and then head home. I got to
the gym and was pleasantly surprised to see Rumbi
there registering herself “Zempire was never the
same since you left girl so I decided to follow you.
And besides, this gym is much cheaper for me
because im a civil servant ka.” I smiled and hugged
Rumbi tightly. “Welcome love I’m headed to the pool
feel free to join me.” Several pairs of eyes turned
around to check me out and I heard some high school
kid whisper “hona kanice (check out that hot chick”
to his friends. I chuckled to myself as I made my way
to the changing room. The pool area was deserted
and this made me feel a bit uneasy but knowing that
Rumbi was on her way made me gain a bit of
confidence. Look I am afraid of water. I’m not a
very good swimmer. Sure I can float and do a few
crows and backstroke moves but I get tired very
easily and I panic a lot when my head is under water.
As long as you keep to the edge you’ll be fine Maka I
urged myself on. I plunged into the menacingly cold
water and began to swim. Halfway into my swim I
got the biggest cramp of my life. I screamed in pain
and the next thing I knew I was sinking. No matter
how strong a swimmer you are a cramp will send you
to the very depths of any water body. I felt myself
sink and next thing I knew water was filling my
mouth and blocking my air ways. The pain I felt was
nerve wrecking. For a split second just before I
gave into my fate and just before water gushed into
my mouth I thought of Andrew…My sweet Andrew.

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Chapter 31-The damascene moment

I was not out for that long. I think I passed out for
a few seconds and my jealous body wouldn’t let my
brain savour the break. I woke up almost as soon as
I passed out. A thoroughly disgusted Tichaona was
peeling of the rest off his vomit soaked clothes.
Yuck, I really did a good number on him huh.The
boner was looong gone. I began to giggle like a young
girl who had seen two teenagers kissing. It was just
too funny.Tich booked a room in order to take
advantage and have sex with me and I got the last
laugh. Who tries to sleep with a drunk woman
though? Shouldn’t that constitute rape? I know I
was all ready to do him moments ago but in all
earnest I blame my current emotions and mostly
Russian Bear. It then suddenly came back to me.
OMG!! Tich slept with Linda! I was overcome by so
much anger and leapt off the bed in great haste.
“Tich you slept with Linda!! I can’t believe this!!” i
pointed my perfectly manicured finger at him. His
eyes suddenly avoided my gaze and the man looked
very guilty. The bastard was not even trying to deny
it! “Yes I did Maka and it was a big mistake which i
regret everyday. I was emotional with the divorce
and then there was you; I just didn’t know what I
was doing at that time. Linda seduced me.” Hahahaha
the man thinks I am an idiot. The way he was
whipping Linda’s ass in that sex tape told a different
story. This really was a damascene moment for me.
Looks are not everything shuwa (truly). I had been
wrong about Tichaona all this time. He was just like
all the jerks I had encountered in my life. I would
not be surprised if he had cheated on his ex-wife
during their marriage. Men always have an excuse to
cheat, but when a woman cheats nyaya yacho
inosvika kwaMai Chisamba chaiko (The story gets so
big). I will never feel sorry for any man that gets
cheated on again. Most of them are also doing things
on the side and just because they never got caught
they think they are saints. Mxm. I hate all men
especially Andrew/matthew (whichever name he’s
going with),Tichaona, Jacob and Tendai(May his soul
continue to rest in eternal damnation Mxm) in that
Tichaona failed to read my facial expression,
shrugged and headed for the bath room to bath. i
guess he was too pissed to explain himself further. I
had managed to vomit all over him and not a single
drop found its way to me or my clothes. He went into
the bathroom naked ,leaving his clothes on the bed.
Evil Maka grinned, picked up the clothes and a
hundred dollar bill from his wallet and tip toed out of
the room. Thats for sleeping with Linda. This better
be the last time I see this guy. He was bad news. It
was now 830 pm and the only thing I had on me was a
hundred dollar bill and Tichaona’s clothes. Dammit, I
forgot the rest of my Russian bear. I was still going
to need it later. I hailed a cab to my house. I was
ready to hear what Fadzy had to say. I was ready to
face the fact that my Andrew had impregnated my
sister. It surely wasn’t my first heartbreak so I
sure as hell was going to survive this. Even as I said
this tears flowed down my cheeks relentlessly. Talk
about lying to yourself and your body language
betraying you. When we got to my flat I handed the
hundred dollar bill to the cab driver and he gave me
the biggest frown ever, “Nhai sister change ye
hundred ndoiwanepi nhai. Shuwa cab ye6 dollars iwe
wondipa hundred shuwa? Mxm. Unotsvinya. (A cab is
6 dollars and you give me a hundred. Where am I
supposed to get the change?) How rude! The man was
lucky I didn’t have any vomit left in me. He would
have been suitable for another smelly layer of it on
his lap. I told him to wait whilst I looked for loose
money in my flat.The door opened just as I was
about to grab the knob. A reed eyed teary Fadzy
took me in her arms and held me tightly. “Maka
where the hell have you been, how could you leave
without your phone and disappear for 2 full hours. I
went to the shops twice to look for you to no avail.
I went to the police and they laughed at me saying I
couldn’t report a missing person after only two
hours. Do you have any idea how stressed I have
been, and you know it not good for the baby.” When
she mentioned the baby I started crying again. I was
beginning to behave like I was pregnant now-
pregnant with sorrow and dejected frustration. I
cannot catch a break and the sad part is I have
gotten so used to it its normal. Fadzy began to fire
all kinds of questions towards me, barely giving me
time to respond. She asked me where I was and
whose clothes I was holding and why I was crying. My
poor sister. How was I going to break it to her that
we were sharing a man? I wiped the tears off my
face and calmly reassured Fadzy that I would tell her
everything as soon as I got out of the shower.I
asked her to also pay the cab driver outside 6 bucks.
She let me go. I went to my room and began to shed
off today’s unlucky clothes, never to be worn again.
My phone rang. It was Andrew. He was on roaming
everytime he travelled so the number never changed.
I ignored him and put my phone on silent. He was
going to get a piece of me when he came back from
outside the country- that’s if he was even out of
Zimbabwe. These men lie. He will tell you he is leaving
Zim iye ari pa Bulawayo achisasana nemukoma wako
(when he is in Bulawayo shacking up with your
sister). He told me he would be back after a week
and today was day 2 since he left. I could wait. I
deliberately bathed for as long as i could because I
was dreading the talk with Fadzy. I took an extra 10
minutes putting on my lotion and dressing into my
nightgown. Lord why me all the time. I finally walked
out of my room and into the living room. Fadzy had
made a delicious dinner, mac and cheese with roasted
chicken on the side and greek salad. My mouth
watered and I dug in as soon as my plate was dished
out. I noticed that Fadzi dished out one extra plate
before stashing the leftovers in a basin. “Whose
plate is that for?” I asked “Oh Mathew said he was
coming over 10 minutes ago. He was in the area and I
told him to come meet you. Gave him the address. My
heart skipped a beat. My Mathew was not in Zim and
hers was? Her Mathew did not know my address
meaning it wasn’t my Andrew/Matthew ka. For the
first time since 6pm, I smiled heartily and winked at
Fadzy telling her I couldn’t wait to meet him. “So
are you going to tell me where you where?” I told
her that I met Tich by the shops and he bought me
some wine and invited me to join him for a quick bite
by Nandos. “After about thirty minutes he told me he
had a legal problem and the paperwork was at his
hotel at Cresta lodge. We headed there where we
drank some vodka until I got a bit tipsy. Then Tich
tried to take advantage of me and I managed to pull
a karate move in him which made him pass out.
Before I left I took his clothes and a hundred dollar
bill and left.” Well it was a lie but it was close to the
truth. There was no way I was going to tell Fadzi I
thought me and her were sharing a man .”So I was
crying tears of joy paya kuti I escaped Tichaona’s
claws.” Fadzy was in stitches by the time I was
finished. Gosh this pregnancy was making her
vulnerable to my lies. The real Fadzy Garisai would’ve
picked out my lie by now. I was so relieved I had
been wrong about all this. I would call Andrew and
apologize later for ignoring him. He would find this
funny too. There was a knock on the door and Fadzi
sprang up holding her phone, “That’s Mathew he sent
a text saying he’s arrived just now.” The door
opened to reveal Andrew Katiyo, my boyfriend in all
his handsome glory, holding a basket of flowers.Lord
forgive me I’m about to commit murder!!

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